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Mila Kunis Is One Unlucky Duck in the Luckiest Girl Alive Trailer

What if the luckiest girl alive … was actually unlucky? That’s the central tension at play in the upcoming thriller Luckiest Girl Alive. Certified stinky celebrity-at-large Mila Kunis stars in the titular role as Ani (pronounced ah-nee), née TifAni. The film is an adaptation of 2015 book of the same name by Jessica Knoll, who also wrote the screenplay. “I never would have thought of her on my own, but seeing her on set and seeing her perform some of these more controversial lines, [I realized] how easily it could have gone sideways if we’d had anyone else in that role,” Knoll said to Tudum of the casting of Kunis. “I don’t think anyone but Mila could have done it.”

Ani begins the film on a high with a job as an editor at The New York Times Magazine and a fiancé played by Finn Wittrock, a hot-guy staple of the Ryan Murphy-verse. But then “her cool-girl veneer only begins to crack after she’s approached to participate in a documentary about a violent incident at the prestigious Brentley School that transformed her teenage years,” according to Tudum. Sounds like this so-called luckiest girl alive might have a secret or two that could render her … less lucky. The film will make its Netflix debut October 7. Also in the cast are Emmy hopeful Connie Britton and Justine Lupe, a.k.a. Willa on Succession, a character who, after getting her terrible play to Broadway via funding from the Roys, might actually be the luckiest girl alive.

Mila Kunis Is an Unlucky Duck in Luckiest Girl Alive Trailer