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Sinéad OʼConnor Knows What Art Can Do in Nothing Compares Trailer

Sinéad OʼConnor has a narrative that is, to 2022’s way of thinking, ripe to be reclaimed. In 1992, she criticized the Pope for the decades-long child sexual abuse in the Catholic Church during a Saturday Night Live performance and was promptly torn apart by the public. She was actually canceled — not canceled in the way where you still get to write books that reach millions of readers (ahem). Now, her story is ready to be told to a more receptive audience — an audience that has, perhaps, seen Spotlight. The upcoming documentary Nothing Compares is set to take on that story. In the trailer, the film from director Kathryn Ferguson teases an examination of O’Connor’s rise and focuses on how knowing that art can change the world allowed her to stand firm in her beliefs. The trailer also heavily draws on the harrowing footage of O’Connor being booed off the stage at Madison Square Garden. The documentary will stream on Showtime on September 30. A happy story this is not, but it may be one that the public that scorned her is finally ready to hear.

Sinéad OʼConnor Knows What Art Can Do in Nothing Compares