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Paul Dano, Michelle Williams Wage Marital War in The Fabelmans Trailer

Autobiopic, movie memoir, semi-autobiographical coming-of-age film: Call it what you will, Steven Spielberg debuted his at TIFF this weekend to a glowing reception, and followed up by dropping the trailer on Sunday. The Fabelmans, Spielberg’s fictionalized take on his own childhood growing up Jewish in Arizona, stars Michelle Williams and Paul Dano as a mother and father divided by two different approaches to parenting. “In this family, it’s the scientists versus the artists,” Williams tells Sammy, the fictionalized young Spielberg. “Sammy’s on my team, takes after me.” Gabriel LaBelle plays Sammy, with Seth Rogen, Judd Hirsch, and Jeannie Berlin in supporting roles. The Fabelmans, which Spielberg co-wrote with Tony Kushner, marks the first time Spielberg has written and directed a project since A.I. The film hits theaters on November 11.

Paul Dano, Michelle Williams Star in The Fabelmans Trailer