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Pick One: The Emoji Movie or the Queen’s Funeral

Oop. Photo-Illustration: Vulture; Photos by James Whatling - WPA Pool/Getty Images and Sony Pictures Entertainment/YouTube

On Monday, September 19, the world tuned in to watch Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral, and almost every U.K. television channel chose to livestream the historic event. Variety reported that Channel 5 decided to stray from the pack and instead aired The Emoji Movie, which means U.K. citizens were left to choose between watching the queen’s coffin be carried into Windsor Castle or listen to Christina Aguilera voice queen Akiko Glitter. Why did Channel 5 opt for The Emoji Movie rather than the queen’s funeral? Maybe it was for the kiddies stuck at home! Or maybe it was Lizzie’s second-favorite movie. One Google reviewer, “Trace Rodriguez,” has described the movie as “amazing. No other words. A bold showing on the theory and practice of collective oligarchies. A consumerist masterpiece that shows the function of a capitalist world built off of democracy … It should win an Oscar for its screenplay.”

Photo: Trace Rodriguez/Google Reviews

Regardless, if you in fact do wish to watch the queen’s funeral, you can catch the end of it on virtually every news network, including ABC News, BBC America, CBS News, CNN, CSPAN, Fox News, MSNBC, NBC News, PBS, ITV, and Sky — but not on Channel 5.

Pick One: The Emoji Movie or the Queen’s Funeral