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Yeah, It’s Another Modern ‘Ye Olden Times’ Movie, But Rosaline Looks Fun!

Okay, look. We’re not exactly starved for more modern-day retellings of Shakespearean-era women. We already have The Serpent Queen and Catherine Called Birdy. They aren’t all the same, but it’s enough of a trend that one might not have room for another on their watch list. Still, Hulu’s upcoming film Rosaline looks fun! Starring Kaitlyn Dever as the titular character, it takes a look at Romeo’s (of Romeo and Juliet fame) ex-girlfriend, who is dead set on breaking up the star-crossed lovers. There are a lot of references to the drama surrounding Romeo and Juliet from the original text, but it feels like a fun day in high-school English class. Rosaline will begin streaming on Hulu on October 14 (or whenever you’re ready to look at period costumes without any period dialogue again).

Okay, Rosaline Looks Fun!