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Well, Beyoncé Finally Gave Us (and Tiffany & Co.) a Renaissance Visual

More than two months after she released Renaissance, Beyoncé is finally back with the album’s first visual. Just one catch: It’s a Tiffany ad. The (alien) superstar features in a minute-long clip soundtracked by album closer “Summer Renaissance” and directed by music-video legend Mark Romanek. Just don’t call it a music video — it’s a “brand-campaign anthem film,” per Tiffany & Co. (Sure.) Said campaign, called “Lose Yourself in Love,” is Beyoncé’s latest project for Tiffany, after last year saw her don the iconic Tiffany Yellow Diamond and show off a never-before-seen Basquiat painting. Hey, she did say she’d feed us diamonds and pearls!

After a near decade of visual-forward affairs — from Beyoncé and Lemonade to Homecoming and Black Is King — Beyoncé shifted gears on the dance-inspired Renaissance, saying in a statement that she made a conscious choice to release the album without visuals. The move aimed to give fans “the opportunity to be limitless in their expansive listening journey,” she said. But she also teased that visuals would come, later releasing a frenetic teaser showcasing dozens of different video shoots. Beyoncé has said Renaissance is Act I of three, leading fans to wonder whether visuals could be Act II and a tour could be Act III — or if we’ll be lucky enough to receive two more Beyoncé albums. Regardless, let’s consider this Tiffany ad more like an intermission.

Beyoncé Finally Gave Us (and Tiffany) a Renaissance Visual