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Ye Thought Wearing a ‘White Lives Matter’ Shirt Would Be ‘Funny’

Ye. Photo: Fox News/YouTube

Update October 9: Ye’s “funny” shirt idea has somehow cascaded to the rapper getting restricted on Twitter and Instagram this weekend after posting antisemitic material on both platforms. Ye posted screenshots of texts allegedly with Sean “Diddy” Combs on IG, making the claim that Combs was being controlled by Jewish people. Meta, the company that owns Instagram, deleted that post, which prompted Ye to come to Twitter to make antisemitic statements against Mark Zuckerberg and Jewish people. “I’m a bit sleepy tonight but when I wake up I’m going death con 3 On JEWISH PEOPLE,” Ye wrote in tweet that has since been removed. “The funny thing is I actually can’t be Anti Semitic because black people are actually Jew also You guys have toyed with me and tried to black ball anyone whoever opposes your agenda.” A rep for Twitter told Buzzfeed News “The account in question has been locked due to a violation of Twitter’s policies.”

Original story follows.

And the Kanye West news cycle continues. Fresh off of a week of headlines from all angles, Ye decided to appear on Fox News to talk about his latest controversy. During Paris Fashion Week, the rapper joined right-wing darling Candace Owens and several models in wearing “White Lives Matter” shirts at a Yeezy catwalk. “I thought the shirt was a funny shirt, I thought the idea of me wearing it was funny,” Ye told Tucker Carlson in the first of a two-part interview, adding that he put “White Lives Matter” on the shirts “because they do. It’s the obvious thing.” The phrase, born in response to the Black Lives Matter movement against police brutality, has been described by the Anti-Defamation League as a white-supremacist hate slogan. Ye’s choice to display it on his clothing has drawn criticism from the likes of Vogue editor Gabriella Karefa-Johnson, Gigi Hadid, and Jaden Smith. Adidas is reviewing its partnership with the artist.

Ye previously experienced similar backlash for wearing “Make America Great Again” hats and supporting Donald Trump. “My so-called friends-slash-handlers around me told me if I said that I liked Trump that my career would be over, that my life would be over,” he told Carlson. “They said stuff like, ‘People get killed for wearing a hat like that.’ They threatened my life.” For this interview, he made another pointed apparel choice and wore a lanyard with an ultrasound on it to represent his pro-life beliefs. When asked about the response he’s gotten to his views, Ye said, perhaps unsurprisingly, “I don’t care about people’s reactions.”

Ye Thought Wearing White Lives Matter Shirt Would Be ‘Funny’