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Netflix Launched a New Way to Kick Exes Off Your Account

Photo: Vulture

Netflix is letting you say “thank u next” to your exes. The streamer introduced a new feature today called Profile Transfer, letting subscribers proactively, and slightly passive-aggressively, set up a new (paid) membership for users you want off of your account. It doesn’t automatically charge them (the feature isn’t that coldhearted), but it does grant them a way to make their own account and then pay for their own subscription, while retaining all their former personalized recommendations, their queue on My List, and their profile name, image, settings, and viewing history. All you have to do is look for “Transfer Profile” (Hey, Netflix, why is the feature called Profile Transfer when the menu option is called “Transfer Profile”?) under the menu and follow the instructions for setting up your rogue profile user’s new account.

A handy GIF on how to use the new feature. Video: Netflix

Profile Transfer arrives a couple months after testing began in Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru, where Netflix had announced earlier in the year it was testing out anti-password-sharing features and tech. In July 2022, certain Latin American countries were introduced to a new in-app notification on the streamer asking them to pay extra for accounts being used outside the primary-subscriber household. So while Profile Transfer may be convenient for some, and even “much requested” by subscribers according to Netflix, it’s just the next step in making everyone pay for their own streaming account. But you know what, at least our exes can start paying their own way.

Netflix Launched a New Way to Kick Exes Off Your Account