Former Scrubs Writer Eric Weinberg Denied Bail, Facing More Sexual Assault Charges

Weinberg was a longtime writer/producer on Scrubs. Photo: Byron Cohen/Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images/Touchstone via Getty Images

Update October 25: Eric Weinberg, former writer and producer for shows like Scrubs, Californication, and American Dad, has been denied bail after facing 18 sexual abuse and assault charges. “He is a danger to society,” said Deputy DA May Martinez of Weinberg said of the decision. Per ABC News, Weinberg was arrested again on October 5 after prosecutors filed the aforementioned 18 charges. He was originally released after posting a $5 million bail. An additional THR story reported that Weinberg was actually arrested in 2014, but that the DA’s Office at the time declined to prosecute. “She claimed she did not consent. He claimed a consensual encounter,” Deputy District Attorney Teresa de Castro wrote. “There is no corroboration for the victim’s allegations.”

Original story follows.

Eric Weinberg, a writer/producer for shows like Scrubs and Californication, was arrested last month on multiple charges of sexual assault. Dozens of women told The Hollywood Reporter that Weinberg allegedly approached them in public spaces like parking lots or grocery stores and that he was a photographer looking for models. He would then list his Hollywood credits to the women and show his portfolio as proof of his photography work. Many of the alleged photoshoots described in the interviews ended in sexual assault. Many of the police reports filed against Weinberg did not led to an arrest. Until Claire Wilson, one of the women accusing Weinberg, asked about Weinberg and his behavior in a private women-only Los Angeles Facebook group post in August 2020. She was met with an overwhelming amount of comments about similar stories and encounters from women, the earliest allegation being from 2000. In September 2020, Weinberg’s wife at the time, Hilary Bidwell, saw the Facebook posts and called Wilson to get more information. Bidwell was going through a divorce from Weinberg at the time.

Bidwell then hired a private investigator to find women with claims against her soon-to-be ex-husband for a possible criminal investigation. However, it wasn’t until February 2021 that the private investigators began to take the accusations seriously when a woman named Cassidy Rouch claimed that Weinberg allegedly assaulted her in their daughter’s room. By March 2022, a Los Angeles attorney named David DeJute, alongside the private investigators, gathered a room of accusers to discuss legal options. This all led up to Weinberg’s arrest on July 14 in Los Angeles. Weinberg was released on $3.25 million bail and awaits arraignment.

Scrubs Writer Charged With 18 Counts of Sexual Assault