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Sounds Like The White Lotus Cast’s Partying Upset the On-Set Ghosts

Photo: Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Mike White chose a hotel with some character for the second season of The White Lotus. Nestled in the hills of Sicily, the second iteration of the White Lotus brand was actually a former convent. A main theme of the upcoming season is sexual jealousy and excess, which maybe didn’t sit right with all the ghostly nuns that occupied the hotel. That’s right, the place was full of ghosts. When asked on the red carpet if the hotel was haunted, John Gries said, “It absolutely was,” which is what we first heard while visiting the set this past summer. “I don’t believe in that stuff, but I had dreams,” Gries said. “I had dreams of people standing at the end of my bed in that hotel room, dressed from a whole other era, turning and looking at me. I was like ‘Nah nah nah, you gotta go!’ I’m not kidding, I was speaking out loud.” Gries said his girlfriend was often woken up by his sleep screams. “Many nights did I wake up screaming, and she’d say ‘What is going with you?’”

It’s also possible that the ghosts weren’t super keen on the after-hours partying the cast got up to. Birthdays were celebrated together, kickbacks were had, and there were even a few late-night karaoke seshes. “My favorite song was not a song that I did, but it was ‘Summer Lovin’,’” Meghann Fahy told Vulture, referring to the Grease classic, “Summer Nights.” “Hayley and Adam did it together, and that really brought the house down. Total banger.” When the cast reunited on the red carpet for the show’s premiere on October 20, the vibes were palpably good. “This whole company was fun,” said F. Murray Abraham. “I kept thinking, This is the way it should always be!

The White Lotus Cast’s Partying Upset the On-Set Ghosts