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Trevor Noah Joins Team ‘TV Too Dark’

Welcome to the party, Trevor Noah. We’ve been complaining about TV that’s so poorly lit it’s unwatchable for a minute over here at Vulture dot com. Noah took some time out of his remaining tenure on The Daily Show to complain about this week’s dark-as-fuck (literally, not thematically) episode of House of the Dragon. He was especially ticked off by the tweet HBO put out defending the darkness as an “intentional creative decision.” That will not stand, chez Noah. “In my opinion, if your intentional creative decision is that people can’t see the TV show that you’re making, then you’re making a podcast.” Incidentally, House of the Dragon is making a podcast. It’s just supposed to be supplementary to the show that you can watch with your eyeballs. In theory.

Trevor Noah Mad About House of the Dragon’s Dark Episode