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Okay, But When Did Lil Yachty Take the Wock to Poland?

Just in case you haven’t heard by now: Lil Yachty took the wock to Poland. The rapper and pizza mogul has been building buzz over the past week for an 83-second song that’s little more than him repeating the hook “I took the wock to Poland” in a manner somewhere between an operatic recitative and singing through a fan. (Wock, if you don’t know, is a nickname for Wockhardt cough syrup, a go-to for mixing lean; Yachty had previously rapped about his love of the wock on “Wocky My Lover.”) The song leaked on SoundCloud, prompted a bunch of memes, and ended up with an unofficial video with over 4 million views before officially hitting streaming services and getting a Lyrical Lemonade music video today.

None of that is surprising — it’s a hypnotic, fun song you’ll definitely want on repeat. But there’s still one question: When, exactly, did Yachty take the wock to Poland? According to, the rapper has never performed in the country; the last time Yachty properly toured Europe, in 2017, Poland wasn’t on the list. Vulture reached out to a representative for Yachty to ask if he had ever performed in Poland but has not received a response. Meanwhile, that unofficial “Poland” video, posted by Hotspot Music, purports to be shot at “6:00 am somewhere in Poland,” but it’s clear from the English-language street signs that it was made nowhere near Poland. The Lyrical Lemonade video was shot in the New York City subway (though a sign was changed to read “POLAND”).

So we hate to break it to you, but it looks as though Yachty might never have actually taken the wock to Poland. But that could be about to change. Yachty’s manager, Pierre “Pee” Thomas, shared with HipHopDX that the rapper had been formally invited to Poland by the country’s prime minister, Mateusz Morawiecki. “Oh shit,” Yachty replied, according to screenshots of their texts. But is he packing the wock?

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Okay, But When Did Lil Yachty Take the Wock to Poland?