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Don’t Get Too Attached to Billie Eilish’s Annual Vanity Fair Interviews

Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Billie Eilish is about to start gatekeeping. After her Vanity Fair “same interview” dropped for the sixth year in a row Monday, she shared a surprise announcement on her Instagram Story: “gonna be the last VF video for a while ;),” she wrote. “gonna keep shooting one every year but hold them and put them out every few years 😇love you all dearly.” Basically, she’ll still be recording the annual time capsules — you’ll just have to wait to see them. Eilish, who has so far kept the tradition going from ages 15 to 20, emphasized during her 2022 video that she returns for her Vanity Fair sit-downs because she genuinely enjoys them. “They mean so much to me,” she said. “Every year, I watch these, and I’m just like…. agh, it just feels really — it makes me really happy.” Thanks to this series, Eilish been able to check in on her past selves every year and reflect on the exponential growth in her career. And her thoughts about other aspects of her life have evolved over time, too. The teen who told Vanity Fair she doesn’t like dating “at all” probably couldn’t have imagined she would become the baby to Jesse Rutherford’s old man.

Don’t Get Attached to Billie Eilish’s Vanity Fair Interviews