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Taika Waititi Helped Daniel Craig Learn to Shake His Benoit Booty

Look, not everybody can be a natural dancer. And Craig, Daniel Craig, International Man of Mystery, already has enough going for him that dancing wasn’t really a requirement. “I can’t count,” the former Bond and current detective confessed to Stephen Colbert on The Late Show on November 21, promoting the upcoming Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery. Not being able to count is a problem when you have a commercial predicated on your dance moves to film for Belvedere Vodka. Luckily, the commercial was directed by king of non-stiff straight men, Taika Waititi, who gave Craig some direction. When Craig couldn’t count himself in, Waititi assisted by shouting “Go!” He would also shout encouraging phrases like “Loosen up! Let me see those hips!” Sounds a little stressful, but when you’ve been through the events of Skyfall, it’s probably relaxing. Glass Onion comes out briefly in theaters from November 23 to 29, then on Netflix on December 23. It probably won’t include Craig as Benoit Blanc dancing, but we do now know Blanc is queer, so anything could happen if Sondheim comes on.

Taika Waititi Helped Daniel Craig Move His Benoit Booty