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Vulture Got For All Mankind’s Danielle and Grigory to Kiss, You’re Welcome

You can’t fake this chemistry. Photo: JJ Geiger

We at Vulture are not above engaging in fan service. Why would we be? We love fans and we love service. So that’s why, for Vulture Fest, we gave back to the dedicated fans of For All Mankind. During the festival, Vulture TV critic Roxana Hadadi interviewed Krys Marshall and Lev Gorn, who play American astronaut Danielle Poole and Russian cosmonaut Grigory Kuznetsov on the show, and asked what everyone is thinking: Are Danielle and Grigory going to kiss, or what? The two had mixed responses about whether that could happen on the show. “I didn’t see that,” Marshall said, before bringing up the opinions of one of the Apple TV+ show’s executive producers, Maril Davis. “She is a really big fan of male-female platonic relationships in television. It would be a disservice, in my opinion, for there to be some sort of sexual nuance there.” Gorn, meanwhile, says he originally saw potential for a love match between the two characters. “I thought that was where the writers were going,” he added. It’s not too late — Marshall and Gorn didn’t hesitate to share a peck onstage, for the fans, of course. A win for all mankind.

Vulture Got For All Mankind’s Danielle and Grigory to Kiss