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There’s Never a Dull Moment for a Grey’s Anatomy Resident

Grey’s Anatomy cast members Adelaide Kane, Alexis Floyd, Jake Borelli, and Midori Francis. Photo: Getty Images for VOX Media

A resident’s shift at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital is 48 hours — unless, of course, you’re out with appendicitis. In a Vulture Festival game show to test Grey’s Anatomy cast member’s medical knowledge, one of the show’s residents, Jake Borelli, told us that he had real appendicitis while playing a fake doctor. “This is like real science,” Borelli began, answering a question about appendicitis symptoms. “I had this on set. It happened. I had all the feelings. Michael Metzner, who is our medical adviser, was the one that realized something was wrong.” Apparently, Borelli was going about his work day playing Dr. Levi Schmitt when he felt a sharp pain in his chest that felt like acid reflux until it moved down to his lower right side. “He took me to the emergency room, got me an emergency appendectomy. It was nutso. He literally saved my life.” Grey’s Anatomy residents can never know peace — if it’s not a fictional cyber attack, then its a real-life medical emergency.

An On-Set Doc Had to Help a Grey’s Anatomy Resident