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James Gunn Wants All the DC Movies, TV, and Games ‘Connected’

Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

It’s no Dark Universe, but James Gunn does have big plans for how the various movies, TV (live action and animated), and video games of the DCU can be connected. In October of this year, Warner Bros. Discovery HBIC David Zaslav fired Walter Hamada as head of DC Films and replaced him with Gunn and Peter Safran as co-HBs. Gunn has been speaking to the people about his plans for comic-book movies/TV. On November 27, Gunn tweeted that he and Safran are planning on having the DCU “connected” across movies, television, and animation. A follow-up tweet put video games under that same banner. Now, “connected” doesn’t necessarily mean shared universe. Or even multiverse, for that matter. So the animated world of Harley Quinn (where Harley is in a committed relationship with Poison Ivy and recently joined the Batfam) doesn’t have to square itself against the Snyderverse (where Harley is straight, and also dead). But if Kite Man wanted a live-action spinoff instead of the animated one that has previously been teased … maybe some Doom Patrol folks could show up?

The specifics of the Gunn/Safran ten-year plan have not yet been disclosed, but Gunn hinted that more will most likely be announced before SDCC 2033. Also, there may be a Booster Gold story in the works. When a fan on Twitter asked about BG, Gunn said that “Booster was the MOST requested character when I asked people on Mastodon what character they’d most like to see on screen. I’m not creating stories by public vote, but I found it fascinating nevertheless.” So there’s some hope for everyone’s favorite future dummy.

James Gunn Wants All DC Movies, TV, and Games ‘Connected’