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Jimmy Kimmel Shares Some Solid Gossip About Dr. Oz and Donald Trump

If, by some unimaginable series of circumstances, you’re currently an undecided Pennsylvania resident considering voting for Dr. Oz to be a United States Senator in November 8’s very important midterm election, newly announced Oscars host Jimmy Kimmel has a bit of gossip that might sway you. During his November 7 monologue on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the late-night host shared an anecdote that contradicts some of Oz’s stated political positions, namely his alliance with former president Donald Trump. Responding to an incident on November 6 when Trump appeared at a campaign event for Oz, went on an inexplicable tangent about the ratings of late-night television shows, and labeled Kimmel’s show as “dead,” Kimmel got in a few comebacks. “You know what’s dead?” he said. “The look in your wife’s eyes when you beg her for sex on your birthday.”

Then the story: a firsthand account of Trump’s behavior at Mar-a-Lago that Kimmel was fed by Oz, calling into question the integrity of the duo’s new buddy-buddy performance. “A very glamorous older woman walks up to Trump,” Kimmel recalled Oz telling him during Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. “She says, ‘Donald, how do I look?’ He says, ‘You would look better wet,’ and he shoves her in the pool.’” According to Kimmel, Oz told this story with “disgust” and complained about how unremorseful Trump was in the aftermath. The takeaway? Oz is a “total phony.” It is not the first time a late-night host has found inconsistencies in Oz’s campaign.

Let this be a lesson to all future political candidates: Do not feed horror stories about someone to Kimmel, then align yourself with that person during a future political campaign, and then attend campaign events at which that person disrespects Kimmel’s name. Kimmel will remember, and he will not hesitate to empty the chamber.

Jimmy Kimmel Has Some Gossip About Dr. Oz and Donald Trump