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Everything We Know About Magic Mike’s Last Dance

You can only appreciate these images on the silver screen. Photo: Moviestore/Shutterstock

Magic Mike got hot in more ways than one. After fostering an almost-Broadway show, a Las Vegas residency, two films, and a documentary series, the film — loosely inspired by star Channing Tatum’s experiences as a male stripper in Florida — is taking its final show overseas to London. Magic Mike’s Last Dance is the final installment in the film franchise and promises to be the “Super Bowl of stripping” for all those who celebrate balls being thrown around. Below, everything you need to to prepare for the fantasy, no football, of the Last Dance.

Who’s taking their clothes off one last time?

Channing Tatum returns as Michael Lane, a.k.a. the titular Magic Mike. Joining him on the stage from the first two films is Adam Rodriguez as Tito. However, if you’re looking to see if dancers like Matthew McConaughey or Donald Glover are returning for an encore, there are currently no other stars confirmed for a comeback. In terms of newcomers, Salma Hayek replaced the previously announced Thandiwe Newton in an unnamed female lead role. Caitlin Gerard and Gavin Spokes round out the cast.

Where’s the trailer?!

We get it. You want to see where Michael Lane is at in his hero’s journey. What will his voyage be like emotionally when he crosses the Atlantic for this final film? Just kidding, the people want to see hunks without clothes! Much like a child waiting for Santa to drop off gifts on Christmas Eve, we waited with bated breath for the ultimate present (an official trailer) to arrive. The trailer introduces Hayek as a rich MILF tangled up in Michael Lane. Watch below.

What’s it about (besides the obvious)?

Besides Tatum calling the film “The Superbowl of Stripping,” most of the plot details for the Last Dance have been kept under wraps but it does promises to celebrate all types of dancing. “I want to have professional dancers [from all over], Russian ballet dancers, I want to go for it and create a completely new genre of this form,” Tatum told People. We do know that the Michael Lane is headed to Britain, though. The first trailer is an intro to Lane and a wealthy socialite’s (Hayek) burgeoning love affair. They meet in Miami, become obsessed with each other (hot), and whisk off to London, where Hayek offers to finance one last performance.

The film brings back the first Magic Mike director, Steven Soderbergh, to close out the show. Soderbergh told Empire magazine that he wanted to bring the focus back to the dance of it all. “We wanted to blow the dancing up in a big way,” he said. “We have this dance number with Channing and Salma right up front. And then the last 30-plus minutes of the movie are just this giant dance sequence.” It sounds almost like Magic Mike is melding with Channing Tatum’s other big booty-shaking franchise, Step Up. The film’s big 30-minute dance sequence was filmed in the Chapman Theatre in London. Soderbergh also said the film is “the first time we see Mike in a relationship.”

On Friday, October 21, Hayek shared a movie still on Instagram with a first look at her character with her hand on Tatum’s abs. It’s an oddly intense image — with Tatum’s serious expression and Hayek’s eyes closed, she looks like she’s using witchcraft to drain his abs of their magic-ab power. “A tease of what’s to come in theaters this Valentine’s Day weekend,” Hayek wrote in the caption. “You’re not going to want to miss #MagicMikesLastDance.”

When and where is the movie coming out?

Originally slated for an HBO Max release, the film will instead head to theaters on February 10, 2023 — Super Bowl weekend to those who celebrate — to reflect Warner Bros. CEO David Zaslav’s belief that theatrical releases are good for business, per Deadline. We’re ready for some football the finale to the beloved stripper franchise.

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Everything We Know About Magic Mike’s Last Dance