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Too Hot to Handle Faked Out Ten New Singles With Mario Lopez’s Help

Avid Too Hot to Handle viewers everywhere are wondering, How do producers keep tricking the horniest people on the planet into going on one of Netflix’s most popular (by their standards) reality shows? For the upcoming fourth season, they had a bit of help. This batch of singles thought they were going on a show called Wild Love hosted by none other than Mario Lopez.

The teaser for the fourth season started as a Wild Love promo showing contestants coming off of planes and into SUVs with a Wild Love logo as Lopez narrates, “This is Wild Love, the dating show that harnesses the power of adrenaline to help you fall in love harder and more intensely than ever.” But you’re still watching the right show. Because narrator Desiree Burch cuts in to assure us that yes, she and Lana are back to tease some singles for a fourth time. She calls Wild Love the team’s “biggest fake show yet” before we hear Lana’s familiar ding and the even-more-familiar screams of hotties who just got got.

In the full trailer, we learn that season four isn’t only about the abstinence race to $200,000. It’s about exploring Real Feelings. The chaos agents producers have given new, mid-season arrivals one free kiss to use on dates — a perk that is sure to cause hurt feelings among burgeoning couples (see that one grown man crying for reference).

See how they handle it all when Too Hot to Handle hits Netflix on December 7.

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Mario Lopez Helped Too Hot to Handle Fake Out More Singles