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John Mellencamp Has No Interest in Doing a Super Bowl Halftime Show

John Mellencamp was on WWHL radiating “what have I gotten myself into” energy. He was on the show as a favor to former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member/his current daughter Teddi Mellencamp, and said as much during the After Show. John “Cougar” Mellencamp was asked whether he’d ever been asked to perform at the Super Bowl, and if he’d ever consider it. The Coug said that he had been asked, and there was no way he’d ever do it. “I don’t like being on television,” he said on television. In a previous segment, Mellencamp said he doesn’t even really like performing. “I don’t like really singing any of them,” he responded when Andy Cohen asked what his favorite song is to perform. “They pay me for leaving home.”

John Mellencamp Ain’t Ever Doing a Super Bowl Halftime Show