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Trickster Meghann Fahy Forgot to Mention Aubrey Plaza Was Tripping Balls

On the December 7 episode of Late Night With Seth Meyers, White Lotus breakout and freckled icon Meghann Fahy told a fun little story about getting lost on an Italian hike with her co-star Aubrey Plaza. “It was a place that I had hiked to several times before and then I did get us lost,” Fahy revealed. They ended up walking down a road, not a path, in an attempt to find their way home. “There was this biker gang that came past us,” Fahy continued. “They were like, ‘Hey girls!’ And she was like, ‘Don’t look at me!’ And I was like, ‘Heyyyy!’” But it turned out Fahy neglected to mention what some may describe as a key detail: She and Plaza were tripping on mushrooms.

Plaza clarified the nature of their hike during a recent visit to Meyers after the finale of The White Lotus aired. “She left out the most important part, which is that we were on mushrooms,” Plaza said on December 12. “She told the story and it was like, ‘Aubrey was on the road and all these Italian guys were on motorcycles and Aubrey was like, ‘Don’t look at me!’ and all this stuff … I was tripping!” Honestly, it’s a reasonable complaint. A flock of Italian men on motorcycles when you’re tripping is a scary sight, and we’re sure Michael Pollan would agree. “She told a story that made you seem rude to Italian motorists,” Meyers said. Well, duh, she was rude, as Plaza replied: “I was tripping balls, bitch!”

Meghann Fahy Forgot to Say Aubrey Plaza Was Tripping Balls