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Brendan Fraser’s Body Melted 8 Ice Bags a Day for The Whale

Photo: Taylor Hill/WireImage

Brendan Fraser’s prosthetics are just one of the chilling performances in the new film The Whale. In an interview with Variety, Fraser and prosthetics makeup designer Adrien Morot revealed that it took over six hours every day for Fraser to transform into his character Charlie. The prosthetics and make-up could weigh up to 300 pounds, and the team had to get creative with ways to keep Fraser feeling cool while on set. “Underneath [the prosthetics] was a body-sculpted costume that was modular, and there were several layers and a cooling suit similar to what race-car drivers wear,” shared Fraser. “It’s tubes that are crisscrossed and run cold water over your body. Mastering the right temperature was a challenge … My body melted eight bags.” Riddle time! If Fraser used 8 bags of ice a day for a total of 45 days of filming, how much ice is that? Run around in a circle real fast because that’s 360 bags of ice. Would he rewear the chilly outfit as awards season heats up? Unfortunately, at least for the Golden Globes, Fraser won’t be wearing his icy suit to their show. All beats are off for the Oscars, though.

Brendan Fraser’s Body Melted 8 Ice Bags a Day on The Whale