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Every Celebrity Who Has Left the Bird App

It never hurts to log off and touch grass. Photo-Illustration: Vulture; Photos by John Shearer/Getty Images and Alexi Rosenfeld/ Getty Images

The vibes on Twitter are off. They have been for a while, but now the bird app has turned into the meme of a girl watching a house burn down, thanks to Elon Musk’s continued efforts to command the platform — which have so far included charging users $8 to (in his own words) “trash” him, laying off about half of the company’s 7,500 employees, recommending that people vote Republican, suspending Kathy Griffin for “impersonating” him, and polling/trolling the internet. And now, the world’s biggest social-media activists — celebrities, of course — are protesting by deactivating their profiles and/or exiting the app. As of yet, it seems there’s only one person who can save the platform: Azealia Banks. Below is a running list of all the celebs who, in light of Musk’s takeover, have ditched Twitter … for now.

Meek Mill is done with Twitter “forever”

Photo: Twitter/TMZ

Adam McKay said ‘Look away!’

Patricia Arquette’s account has disappeared.

Elton John to misinformation: No.

Jim Carrey shares one last project.

Whoopi Goldberg’s “done.”

Shonda Rhimes says, “Bye.”

Gigi Hadid calls the app a “cesspool.”

Moby says “it’s time to leave.”

Welp, Sara Bareilles is out.

Toni Braxton says Twitter isn’t the “safe space” it once was.

Ken Olin writes a good-bye poem.

Laura Benanti minces no words.

Jack White says Musk has “gone too far.”

David Dastmalchian quits.

Catch Alex Winter on Mastodon.

David Simon says, “Fuck Elon Musk.”

Stephen Fry plays Scrabble.

Photo: Deadline/@stephenfry via Twitter

Liz Phair self-exiles from Twitter-ville.

Where’d Pedro Pascal go?

Trent Reznor made El*n mad

Téa Leoni: “Let’s see where we are when the dust settles”

Photo: Twitter

Jameela Jamil kept her word

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Every Celebrity Who Has Left the Bird App