Watch Dionne Warwick’s Vocals Heal Jennifer Hudson in Real Time

Well, they should really do this … all the time. Jennifer Hudson fulfilled a longtime dream on Friday by performing a duet of “All the Time” with Pete Davidson’s next girlfriend, the legendary Dionne Warwick. Before the music even started, Hudson was already visibly excited, turning to the camera and shaking her fists. She explained that Warwick’s “This Empty Place” was her original audition song when she entered the industry as an American Idol contestant. Now that the EGOT winner is in charge of her own show, she of course wanted to take the opportunity to perform a Warwick track with the original singer. This full-circle moment was clearly emotional for Hudson, who looked moved from Warwick’s opening notes. While Hudson didn’t let that stop her from belting and harmonizing at her best, she immediately collapsed onto the couch once the duet was over. “Thank you so much for that,” she said with a hand over her heart. “Can I give you a hug?” Bask in the full wholesome clip from The Jennifer Hudson Show above.

Watch Dionne Warwick’s Vocals Heal Jennifer Hudson