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The Last of Us Trailer Drops at Brazil’s CCXP

Mushroom zombies, come to Brazil! HBO dropped the trailer for The Last of Us, the new zombie drama (zom-dram) based on the video-game series of the same name. Pedro Pascal stars as Joel, one of video games’ most beloved gruff father figures. Joel is tasked with transporting Ellie (Game of Thromes star Bella Ramsey) across an apocalyptic America. Once again, Pedro Pascal is the babysitter for a miracle child. If you’re going to be typecast, you could do worse than “reluctant daddy.” Nick Offerman is also featured in the trailer as a cuckoo survivalist. The Last of Us was adapted for TV by Chernobyl’s Craig Mazin, so get ready to laugh and laugh and laugh. The Last of Us comes to HBO January 15.

Watch the Trailer for HBO’s The Last of Us