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Hellboy Taught David Harbour ‘Not to F— With’ Beloved IP

Photo: Momodu Mansaray/WireImage

In a world where beloved shows and movies are constantly being resurrected as reboots, remakes, and [checks notes] “reimaginings,” David Harbour has a word of caution for you. He starred in 2019’s Hellboy reboot, which bombed so hard at the box office that he called Ryan Reynolds for advice on post-flop life. When asked what Hellboy taught him, Harbour told Yahoo! Entertainment that he “learned not to f- - - with established IP, that’s for sure.” According to the actor, people had “such a thing going into it” that it was almost impossible for them to judge the movie based solely on its own successes and failures. In contrast, he feels that original stories like Netflix’s Stranger Things and his new scary Santa movie don’t come with the pre-existing baggage of a pre-existing property. “The great thing about Stranger Things is that we get to make Indiana Jones, but we just don’t call it Indiana Jones,” Harbour said. “We call it Stranger Things, and we call him Hopper or whatever. But he gets to have his moments, and people don’t get mad at you for calling it Indiana Jones. They just watch it and enjoy it.” Let’s just hope that no diehard Indiana Jones stans are reading this.

Hellboy Taught David Harbour ‘Not to F- - - With’ Beloved IP