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Jenna Marbles and Julien Solomita Are Officially ‘Married Otters’

Photo: Mindy Small/FilmMagic

Attention, kids who grew up on YouTube in the 2010s: Your internet parents have subscribed to each other for life. After announcing their engagement last year, Jenna Marbles (born Jenna Mourey) and Julien Solomita are finally married. On Thursday, Solomita posted wedding photos on Instagram, captioned “married otters <3.” The pair, who have reportedly been together since 2013, affectionately refer to each other as otters because of their habit of holding hands while sleeping (much like otters do to keep from drifting apart). Although the couple rose to fame on YouTube, Solomita is now less active on the platform, while Mourey has taken a step back from the internet in general.

Solomita confirmed during a Twitch livestream that he and Mourey got married in early November. “We are a married couple,” he said. “I can now officially make wife jokes.” Solomita said he waited to share the news partly because he and Mourey wanted some time to celebrate by themselves, and partly because their dog Peach was dealing with health issues. But with Peach currently “doing amazing,” he was happy to talk his viewers through the ceremony photos that were shared on Instagram. He shared that both his suit and Mourey’s wedding dress were thrifted and that it took him almost two weeks before he was ready to wash “Just Married” off the back of his car. Elsewhere in the stream, he held up his hand to show off his wedding ring. “We did it to ’em,” he said with a grin.

Jenna Marbles and Julien Solomita Are Now ‘Married Otters’