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Once and Future Oscar Winners Star in Tom Brady Fan-Fiction Film

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Gisele Bündchen may be off the Tom train, but there are still four women who have a thing for Mr. Brady. Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda, Sally Field, and Rita Moreno star in 80 for Brady, a high-spirited romp in which these acclaimed actresses lust after the quarterback. Tomlin is the only one of these women not to have won an Oscar (snubbed for Nashville — sorry, Lee Grant), so we’re starting the campaign for her to snag an 80 for Brady Oscar now. Below, the play-by-play on this MVP-packed movie.

Is 80 for Brady a true story?

80 for Brady follows four Patriots superfans on a quest to attend the 2017 Super Bowl for what they believe could be Brady’s last game. Written by Sarah Haskins and Emily Halpern and directed by Kyle Marvin, the film shows the nicely aged women on their heroic mission, and wouldn’t ya know it, they get up to some high jinks and shenanigans. The movie is based on the story of five real-life women who bonded over being widows and their love of the Patriots to form an “Over 80 for Brady” club, according to People. The club has only two members now (aged 94 and 95!), following the death of a third woman and two more moving into an assisted-living facility. The 80 for Brady trailer teases all the onscreen versions of these club members cutting loose: Tomlin gets her friends to drop everything and go to the Super Bowl, Fonda flirts with Rob Gronkowski, Field competes in a hot-wing-eating contest, and Moreno does enough drugs to become Guy Fieri.

Who else is in the cast?

We already know it stars four truly iconic actresses, which would have been enough for us to call this cast a touchdown. Yet 80 for Brady won that extra point by filling its roster with various other boldface names. In the trailer, you can see Billy Porter playing a musician. Guy Fieri is there many times over! Former Real Househusband Harry Hamlin has a tryst with Fonda! Gronk plays himself! Brady (in his film debut) also plays himself! But fear not: The Brady of this film is still with the Patriots, still married, and not yet embroiled in any crypto scandals. In fact, given that Brady is a producer on the movie, it may just be a way to earn some of that crypto money back. But he has one deed to do before getting that good karma — he needs to finally meet the real members of Over 80 for Brady. “I hope we see him before we die,” one of the surviving women told CBS News Sunday Morning. We do too!

What’s the release date?

80 for Brady is in theaters February 3, meaning it will be out in time to accompany the Super Bowl on February 12. But more important, that means it will probably be on streaming in time for Mother’s Day, thank God Bill Belichick!

Does it have an original song by Dolly Parton, Belinda Carlisle, Cyndi Lauper, Gloria Estefan, and Debbie Harry?

Why of course it does! It’s called “Gonna Be You,” and it is adorable!

Does Gisele Bündchen have a cameo?

Despite her experience in The Devil Wears Prada and her Teen Choice Award–nominated turn in Taxi (DeVito was not involved), Gisele Bündchen is not in this film, according to IMDb, which is good because she clearly doesn’t want to be anywhere near her former spouse. It’s not confirmed that any of the main stars will take her place on Brady’s arm, we’ll put our money on Moreno. If you’re really placing bets, though, don’t count out Porter!

Once and Future Oscar Winners Star in Tom Brady Fan Fiction