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Anna Delvey Spins House Arrest Into a Reality-TV Deal

Anna Delvey. Photo: Mike Coppola/AD/Getty Images for ABA

Anna Delvey, America’s preeminent fake German heiress, has won again. The scammer signed a deal landing her own unscripted reality-TV series, Delvey’s Dinner Club, which has no choice but to take place in her East Village apartment. Delvey (a.k.a. Anna Sorokin) is currently under house arrest in New York City after a stint at Rikers and beating ICE’s threats of deportation, but that’s not a problem for the former grifter. Her judge-mandated isolation offers a juicy backdrop for a talk show about her remarkable cons and run-ins with the law.

“She’ll do it through what’s already become one of the hottest tables in town — invitation-only, intimate dinners at her home,” the press release from former Food Network president Courtney White’s Butternut production company stated. “There, a Delvey-invited group of actors, musicians, founders, socialites, journalists and other esteemed guests will join her each week around a private-chef catered table replete with candid conversations where no topic is off-limits.”

Fly-on-the-wall footage and on-camera interviews with Delvey and guests promise new dimensions to the myth (and the grift) that is the SoHo icon. What is abundantly clear before the show airs, though, is that Delvey is probably the most successful of the 2010s scammers — Elizabeth Holmes, that Fyre Festival guy, and the “Varsity Blues” celeb fraudsters (to name a few) more or less don’t have jobs anymore. Meanwhile, Delvey has both a successful art business and a reality-TV deal. Her scams just keep on giving.

Anna Delvey Spins House Arrest Into Reality-TV Deal