Boygenius Is Back in Town

The geniuses in question. Photo: Lloyd Bishop/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

For Boygenius to pop up on the Coachella lineup without anything new to show for it would’ve been, well, salt in the wound. But thank the gay gods that’s not the case. The singer-songwriter supergroup of Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, and Lucy Dacus will release their debut album, the record, on March 31. (It’ll also mark each of their first times on a major label, coming out on Interscope.) And to make up for all their time away, they’ve put out not one, not two, but — you guessed it — three singles now. Each member takes lead on one of the songs: “$20” sees Baker turning toward hookier pop-rock, “Emily I’m Sorry” is a typically hushed Bridgers tearjerker, and “True Blue” is slow-burning and personal from Dacus. Just try to pick a favorite line from these songs.

the record is the trio’s first offering since they teamed up in 2018 for an eponymous EP, as each were separately breaking out. They each followed that EP with another solo album, all of which featured the band (on Bridgers’s “I Know the End,” Baker’s “Favor,” and Dacus’s “Going Going Gone” and “Please Stay”). They also teamed up again in 2020 on Hayley Williams’s song “Roses/Lotus/Violet/Iris.” the record reportedly started coming together amid those solo albums back in June 2020, and remains fully written and produced by Boygenius. Below, find the full track list, and clear your schedule for March 31 now — you’re going to need the time to process this.

1. With You Without Them
2. $20
3. Emily I’m Sorry
4. True Blue
5. Cool About It
6. Not Strong Enough
7. Revolution O
8. Leonard Cohen
9. Satanist
10. We’re in Love
11. Anti-Curse
12. Letters to an Old Poet

Boygenius Is Back in Town