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Sorry, Golden Globes, Kevin Costner Is Stuck in Santa Barbara

Kevin Costner Photo: Jay L. Clendenin/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

Stars, they’re just like us, missing awards shows because they’re trapped in their big mansions! Kevin Costner, who won Best Actor for his work as John Dutton in Yellowstone at the 2023 Golden Globes on Tuesday, was unable to accept his award from Mrs. Pitt (née Regina Hall) because he is sheltering in place in his ranch, a $60 million estate in Santa Barbara. Costner broke the news to his fans earlier in the day on Instagram, saying in a video, “I’m so sorry to everyone who might have been tuning in to watch the Golden Globes. We found ourselves on the wrong side of town and couldn’t get back last night. We couldn’t even get back to the house this morning in time with the freeways closed.”

What Costner didn’t account for was Mrs. Pitt absolutely losing it over the reason for his absence, which she seemingly learned on the spot while reading the teleprompter. After laughing, she quickly called for a prayer because it is serious! “This is a sad story right now,” she said, trying to pull herself together. But don’t feel too sorry for the onscreen cowboy: He had a celebration at home with “gold and yellow and black and silver balloons.”

Sorry, Golden Globes, Kevin Costner’s Stuck in Santa Barbara