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Harrison Ford Doesn’t Remember the Lyrics to ‘Every Morning’ by Sugar Ray

J. Willy and H. Ford. Photo: Gilbert Flores/Variety via Getty Images

Harrison Ford and Jessica Williams singing along to Sugar Ray? Tell us more. In Apple TV+’s new comedy Shrinking, the two star as Paul and Gabby, therapist colleagues of lead Jason Segel’s depressed Jimmy. The two end up carpooling to work together and spend the ride singing along to Gabby’s 1990s pop-rock faves. During the show’s premiere in Los Angeles, Williams said she personally picked most of her character’s songs. “I got to sing a lot of songs I really liked on the show, ‘Story of a Girl,’ lots of Sugar Ray. I think Gabby and I definitely have that in common,” Williams said. “Literally, the music in the show that I got to sing with Harrison in the car, I got to choose.” Ford, meanwhile, does not share any connection to the band or their songs. When asked if he still remembered the lyrics, he laughed and said, “No, absolutely not.”

Harrison Ford Doesn’t Remember the Lyrics to ‘Every Morning’