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Tell Your Kids How You Saw the How I Met Your Father Season-Two Trailer

Hilary Duff may not be allowed to tell the stories of adult Lizzie McGuire, but that won’t stop her from having her mid-30s, millennial-without-a-cause TV moment! The second season of the Duff-starring, How I Met Your Mother–inspired series How I Met Your Father just dropped its trailer, and it promises relationship drama, multicam humor (but without the now-passé laugh track), and … a screaming Meghan Trainor? Plus, a side-burnt John Corbett is there as the older man that Duff’s character, Sophie, is dating, and if there’s one person who knows how to be a love interest in a show about 30-somethings looking for love in the big city, it’s the man who played plays Aidan. That’s not the show’s only Sex and the City connection, of course (but is the show’s only And Just Like That … connection), because Kim Cattrall is returning as the older version of Sophie, who’s telling her son how she met his father. The new season is dropping January 24 on Hulu, so get your relationships in (dis)order ASAP.

Tell Your Kids How You Saw the HIMYF Season-Two Trailer