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Jack McBrayer Tried to Eat Alexander Skarsgård’s Kidney While on Vacation

They’d both be great on Yellowjackets. Photo-Illustration: Vulture. Photos: Getty Images

At Sundance Film Festival’s world premiere of Brandon Cronenberg’s Infinity Pool, one Jack McBrayer crashed the press red carpet to stare and say “Hi” to nepo baby and leather-collar wearer Alexander Skarsgård. When asked, “What’s the scariest thing that’s happened to you while on vacation?” Skarsgård stared beyond the camera, straight at McBrayer, and responded, “Uh, well, we met on vacation. That was kind of scary.” “I’m not part of this,” McBrayer said, shying away (what is he hiding?). “It was terrifying,” Skarsgård continued, recalling his trauma. “You tried to eat my kidney.”

“I can explain,” McBrayer admitted. “I went from a vegan diet but was lacking in protein.” Both laughed, but we can’t really tell if it was a joke. Help, Dakota, what’s the truth?

Jack McBrayer Tried to Eat Alexander Skarsgård’s Kidney