Jessy Morner-Ritt Is Aware of the Ass Rip in Her Leggings

Despite living in these frankly precedented times, we are fully existing in the future. And a futuristic lifestyle calls for a modern approach to our traditional “Follow Friday” column. We at Vulture have pivoted from our Luddite ways, opting for a more interactive digital angle on what was once mere text on a web page. We want you to get to know our favorite up-and-coming comics, writers, and generally funny social-media presences face-to-face (or at least screen-to-screen). So we hope you enjoy our new and improved Instagram Live–based version of “Follow Friday.”

This week, I sat down with earth angel Jessy Morner-Ritt (Joy’s Bed and Breakfast, Funny or Die Lab, being celebrated by her proud dad in the comments of our interview) for a chat about smoking cigarettes, the Nextdoor app, and dads. She shared the history behind her immersive two-woman show, told the story of when her sister named their kitten Jessica after her (note: her name is not Jessica, it’s just Jessy), and reflected fondly on her former neighbor’s nine Rottweilers. She also gave her perspective on the state of athleisure as fashion in Los Angeles: “I have a pair of leggings that have a huge rip right on the ass, but it’s meant for the gym! And when I tell you the amount of people who come up to me at the gym and go, ‘I don’t know if you know this, but there’s a huge rip on your ass.’ Why are you looking? I don’t care! I always look at them and say, ‘I don’t care and I know.’ I have a bad reputation at my gym.”

You can find Jessy on Twitter at @JessyMornerRitt and on Instagram at @jessyonsocial.

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Jessy Morner-Ritt Is Aware of the Ass Rip in Her Leggings