pisces son or aries daughter?

Keke Palmer Discloses Her Baby’s Possible Star Sign on Fallon

Keke Palmer knows astrology is serious business. On the January 25 episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, she explained how she bonds with Fallon and works well with SNL’s Kenan Thompson over their shared Virgo sun signs, before the pregnant Nope actor divulged her baby’s possible chart. “My baby is either going to be a Pisces or Aries,” she told the late-night host. “Pisces are known to be very deep.” While laser-focused on the conversation about the baby’s sign, she casually let her baby’s sex slip. “Pisces are known to be very deep, very emotional creatures,” she explained, still talking about the characteristics of water signs born between February 19 and March 20. “I don’t want to be too blunt for my baby boy.” In the past, Palmer alluded to being pregnant with a baby girl in a tweet earlier this month, writing, “It kills me when guys are disappointed that they are having a girl, like they aren’t the reason for that genetic outcome lmao.” She didn’t appear startled when she seemingly disclosed her baby’s sex on Fallon and continued to focus on more pressing matters, like how not to upset a Pisces. “I don’t want to be too … ‘Tell it like it is,’” she said. “I need to wade in the water with a Pisces, just keep it chill.” Important considerations for a new life.

Keke Palmer Discloses Baby’s Possible Star Signs on Fallon