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‘Flowers’ Is Here: Time to Give Miley Cyrus Her Flowers

Time to give Miley Cyrus her flowers. Well, she can buy them herself, as she makes clear on her new single, “Flowers,” but still. The song is Cyrus’s first offering off of her upcoming album, Endless Summer Vacation, which is coming out in the final days of winter this March. And she fittingly kicks off the album feeling relaxed — about her 2019 split from Liam Hemsworth, that is. “I can love me better than you can,” she sings confidently over a groovy beat. The music video features her strutting around in sunglasses, swimming, working out, and dancing — all by herself, just so we know that she’s really healed from this failed relationship. She even released the track on Hemsworth’s birthday, since it’s already January 13 in Australia, where he’s from. Between this and Lana Del Rey’s single Tulsa billboard for her ex, March 10 is about to reach new levels of petty.

Cyrus first teased “Flowers” on her NBC New Year’s Eve special, dropping a teaser for the song with lyrics. She didn’t debut the song then, though, instead sticking to her hits and a duet with godmother and co-host, Dolly Parton. Days later, Cyrus announced Vacation, which sees her again teaming up with Bangerz producer Mike WiLL Made-It while bringing Greg Kurstin, Kid Harpoon, and Tyler Johnson into the fold. The project follows her 2020 album, Plastic Hearts, a full-throated return to rock. From the summery sound of “Flowers,” it looks like California-girl Miley might be back for a nice Vacation.

Time to Give Miley Cyrus Her Flowers: ‘Flowers’ Is Here