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Buddy-Comedy Duo Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston Are Back on the Case

What’s better than one murder mystery? Just ask Rian Johnson. (The answer is many murder mysteries.) Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston are ready to do some detective work in the trailer for their upcoming Netflix film, Murder Mystery 2. In the first film, Sandler and Aniston played a married couple who worked as a cop and a hairdresser, respectively. In the second film, they’ve leveled up to being private detectives running their own agency, according to Netflix. The film follows them as they attempt to get their friend, the maharaja, back after he is abducted at his wedding in India. It also stars Jodie Turner-Smith, Wilmer Valderrama, and vacation expert Annie Mumolo. Pack up your knives and stream Murder Mystery 2 on March 31.

Buddy-Comedy Duo Sandler and Aniston Are Back on the Case