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Ron Jeremy Will Be Declared Unfit to Stand Trial for 30+ Counts of Sexual Assault

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Update January 8, 2023: Ron Jeremy will reportedly be declared unfit to stand trial for more that 30 sexual assault charges, per People. Jeremy is suffering from “severe dementia,” and is likely to be placed in a state-run hospital shortly after being declared unfit January 17. “As a result of the agreement of the experts, the defendant will be declared incompetent to stand trial … his prognosis for improvement is not good,” L.A. County Deputy District Attorney Paul Thompson wrote in a letter obtained by the L.A. Times. “If he does not improve, we will not be able to try him for his crimes. Because criminal proceedings are suspended as long as he is incompetent, we also cannot get a guilty plea from him or discuss other measures to get justice for the victims in this case.” If Jeremy’s condition ever improves, a trial could ensue.

Original story follows.

Adult-film performer Ron Jeremy has been indicted on more than 30 sexual assault charges, with 21 victims. The indictment took place on August 19, according to the L.A. County District Attorney’s Office, and were unsealed today.

Jeremy’s alleged crimes go back over 20 years. He pleaded not guilty to “to 12 counts of forcible rape, seven counts of forcible oral copulation, six counts of sexual battery by restraint, four counts of sexual penetration by a foreign object, two counts of sexual penetration of an unconscious or asleep person and one count each of lewd act upon a child under the age of 14 or 15, sodomy by use of force and assault with intent to commit rape,” the press statement read. The victims range in age from 15 to 51.

This is not the first time Jeremy has been accused of sexual assault. In 2020, right before Jackie Lacey was replaced with George Gascón as L.A.’s DA, Jeremy was arrested and charged with four cases of sexual assault. Days after those initial charges were brought forth, 25 new complaints were made. In October of that year, seven additional charges were brought against him. According to Deadline, 14 other cases were not pursued at that time because “they were outside the statute of limitations.”

Jeremy is scheduled to appear in court October 12 for a pretrial conference. He remains in jail because has been unable to post the $6.6 million bail.

Ron Jeremy Will Reportedly Be Declared Unfit to Stand Trial