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Skinamarink Makes an Impressive $1 Million in Partial Release

Skinamarink Photo: BayView Entertainment

Skinamarink might be about two siblings’ nightmare scenario, but its box-office earnings are the stuff of dreams. The viral experimental horror film crossed the $1 million line at the box office, according to a January 19 press release, just six days into its partial release. A milly might sound like a low figure when compared to the blockbuster offerings at your local cinema, but consider this: Skinamarink was made with just a production budget of just $15,000, which is about as indie as indie gets. Math says the movie made out with 67 times its budget, outpacing all industry estimates. “IFC Midnight and Shudder presented Skinamarink to audiences with an overwhelming response, bringing theatergoers a completely new experience at the cinema,” the press release reads. “The film has the internet buzzing, being hailed as this generation’s The Blair Witch Project, resulting in sold out shows and passionately polarizing reviews from critics and audiences alike.” The numbers are only going up from here — Kyle Edward Ball’s feature directorial debut expands to over 800 theaters this weekend and streams exclusively on Shudder February 2.

Skinamarink Makes Impressive $1 Million in Partial Release