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To Live and Die and Live Star Skye P. Marshall Had to Scale Rocks in Heels

What indie films might lack in budget they make up for with heart. While filming Qasim Basir’s semi-autobiographical feature To Live and Die and Live, actor Skye P. Marshall learned that indie films are indeed a labor of love — and she has the receipts to prove it. “Amin and I had to do a scene late at night, right by the water, and it’s freezing,” she told Vulture, referring to her co-star Amin Joseph. “And now we gotta be on rocks, and [Basir’s] like, ‘Are you okay to walk?,’ and I’m like, ‘With heels? On rocks? Sure!” She does the scene, like a professional, “and by the time we wrap, it’s like two, almost three, in the morning … My next scene is at sunrise,” she continues. “So they had to shoot Cory’s scene in between, and I had to sleep in the truck.” Co-star Cory Hardrict thinks indie budgets are a luxury, not a hindrance. “She brings all that to camera,” Hardrict explained. “And that’s the luxury that you have of doing independent filmmaking.” Above, cast members discuss the rewards of indie filmmaking, plus:

➽ What inspired Basir to make the drama
➽ How many decades the cast members have known one another
➽ Which actress plays a fictionalized version of herself

To Live and Die Star Skye P. Marshall Scaled Rocks in Heels