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A Thousand and One’s AV Rockwell Felt Erased in New York

In a city with over eight million people, New York is a home for many who love and cherish the city. Unfortunately, due to systemic issues like gentrification and homelessness, the love for the city might not be reciprocated back. A Thousand and One follows Inez (Teyana Taylor), a mother who kidnaps her 6-year-old son from the foster-care system after she was living from shelter to shelter. As her son grows into a teenager, their family struggles to hide their secret in a gentrifying New York City. Before going on to win Sundance’s Grand Jury prize, director AV Rockell and stars Taylor and Will Catlett joined the Vulture Spot to discuss why creating a film about New York was important to them. “Part of what made me feel the urgency to tell this story was I just felt like New York lied to us, making it feel like it was a city meant for everyone,” shared Rockwell. “I realized we were targeted; we were unwanted. That’s why we’re being erased in a city that was all I knew.” The film will be distributed by Focus Features and premiere on March 31 in theaters. However, before the world gets to experience the award-winning film, they can check into the Vulture Spot to learn about foreshadowing a big win by:

➽ Wearing matching sunglasses and color palettes

➽ Creating a film that connects with people of all backgrounds

➽ Manifesting a Grand Jury Prize win from the start

A Thousand and One’s AV Rockwell Felt Erased in New York