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All Dirt Roads Taste of Salt Was an Exercise of ‘Trust and Play’

Director Raven Jackson wanted to create a film where memory had an almost tactile presence. She described the film to host Jared Goldstein as answering the question, “If your life were to flood, what are the moments that would rise to the surface, and how would those moments swim between each other?” All Dirt Roads Taste of Salt is a movie that connects the memories of one woman’s life via emotions and senses. Co-star Chris Chalk said that creating the film was sometimes difficult to envision because it was all “trust and play.” Jackson and Chalf joined co-stars Charleen McClure and Sheila Atim at the Vulture Spot at Sundance 2023 for a chat about:

➽ When A24 and Pastel come together
➽ Their most memorable day filming
➽ Sitting with the seasons of your life

All Dirt Roads Taste of Salt Was About ‘Trust and Play’