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Fremont Is a Response to a ‘Fallacy’ About Women in Afghanistan

Fremont director Babak Jalali and stars Anaita Wali Zada and Gregg Turkington joined us in the Vulture Spot at Sundance 2023 to talk about how their film approaches the life of an Afghan woman. Jalali shared that he was compelled to tell this story to combat the common “fallacy” that women in Afghanistan “are oppressed, and they don’t do anything.” The movie follows Donya, a former translator who starts a new life in the titular Bay Area city with other Afghan immigrants. Zada, who makes her movie debut as Donya, explained that she hopes Fremont will serve as a reminder of what’s going on in Afghanistan. Watch the full conversation above.

Fremont Is a Response to a ‘Fallacy’ About Afghan Women