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Murder in Big Horn Shines a Light on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

A new docuseries is determined to raise awareness of the stories of missing and murdered Native American woman. Directed by Razelle Benally and Matthew Galkin, the Showtime series Murder in Big Horn follows the cases of the missing Indigenous women from the Crow and Northern Cheyenne Nations in Montana’s Big Horn County through the lens of those closest to them. At the Vulture Spot at Sundance 2023, Benally and Galkin are joined by activists Lucy Simpson and Luella Brien to discuss how the series sheds light on missing Indigenous woman and how non-native people may not be aware of the ongoing crisis happening to Native American communities. “There’s this idea that Native American tribes are a part of our history when we’re in existence and surviving,” explains Simpson. “Outside of those tribal communities, people don’t know that we still exist.” Murder in Big Horn premieres globally on February 3.

Murder in Big Horn Sheds Light on Missing Indigenous Women