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The Persian Version’s Layla Mohammadi Has Her Elevator Pitch Down

The Persian Version star Layla Mohammadi is well trained for the press. When ambushed by host Jared Goldstein to summarize the film in ten seconds, she does a splendid job. It’s a mother-daughter journey of discovery! Director Maryam Keshavarz says the story came from her own experience of learning a family secret. “A family secret is uncovered,” she said, “and everything they thought they knew about each other is upended.” And star Niousha Noor is excited the film shines a light on the strengths and resilience of women, “in this case, Iranian women.” Also discussed:

➽ Mohammadi’s lack of basketball skills
➽ The mother-daughter connection
➽ What it’s like to act in someone else’s life story

Is The Persian Version Based on a Real Family Secret?