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Randall Park Wants You to Be Self-reflective With Shortcomings

Randall Park was first mesmerized by Shortcomings when he read it more than 15 years ago. Now in the crispy year of 2023, Park makes his directorial debut with an adaptation of Adrian Tomine’s graphic novel. The story is centered around Ben (Justin H. Min), a struggling filmmaker from Berkeley, California, who begins to explore what he thinks he might want out of life after his girlfriend moves to New York. In the video above, stars Min, Sherry Cola, and Ally Maki join Park in discussing Shortcomings’ adaptation to the big screen as well as:

➽ How to get ahead of the curve by inspiring people to be self-reflective
➽ The possibility of an exploding fire hydrant
➽ Learning what a power top is

Randall Park Wants You to Be Reflective With Shortcomings