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Don’t Worry, The Bear Doesn’t Want Carmy and Sydney to Kiss, Either

Photo: Matt Dinerstein/FX

And on this day, we thank the gods of platonic relationships on TV for realizing that The Bear’s Carmy and Sydney (Carmney?) are not destined to be. In a recent Variety profile of the two actors, both the cast and the creators of the show kiboshed the idea of a romantic relationship between the two characters. “I know there are people who are very invested in that, and I understand and I appreciate it, but it was not that for me,” Ayo Edebiri, who plays Sydney, said of the relationship. “No! It was never discussed by anybody,” White concurred.

Co-creator Chris Storer is just as definite. “We wanted to make something that was about friendship and a partnership,” he said. “It really is so funny that that is one of the things that people took away — of all the heavy shit that’s going on in the show! It was interesting because Ayo and Jeremy, since they are our friends and are such wonderful people, I think there is this charisma that comes off both of them.” And it’s not just to be withholding from the Carmney shippers: “From the beginning, it was like, we should just show people being really good at their jobs and pushing each other,” Storer said. See! Plot reasons! Plus the most important reason: Carmy and Marcus are destined to be together. Get on the Carcus train or get off, The Bear fans!

Don’t Worry, The Bear Doesn’t Want Carmy and Sydney to Kiss