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Arrested Development Is Leaving Netflix, Cue the Charlie Brown Music

Some bros not watching Arrested Development on Netflix. Photo: Saeed Adyani/Netflix

Daddy horny sad, Michael. As of today, Netflix has plans to remove Arrested Development from its library, leading the world to universally agree: We don’t care for Netflix. The longtime streaming home of the show (which originally premiered on Fox), Netflix even produced a couple of follow-up seasons of Arrested Development, which had been famously canceled far too soon. All five seasons of the show (including the two produced in-house after its original run) will be removed from the streamer on March 15, IndieWire confirmed. Arrested Development is also currently streaming on Hulu, and it’s worth noting that this same thing happened with Lilyhammer, and it’s still happily residing on Netflix. Even though it is scheduled to leave Netflix, a new deal could strike and allow the show to remain on the streamer.

Or, since the show has a big enough fan base, we can reasonably hope it will follow the latest trend and get adopted by another streamer. But which one? That is a case for the world’s best private detective, Gene Parmesan! (Gene was far from the best.)

This story has been updated with additional information.

Arrested Development Set to Leave Netflix in March